Journalism Censorship

The Rwandan electoral commission has announced that during the upcoming presidential election, one medium [ website ] will be set up and any news related to the electoral process will come only from this source.

This is a ruse to censor media because no news organization will be able to report independently about the process. They will all have to repeat what will be handed down to them with no way to verify whether it is true or not.

This is nothing new in Rwanda where media are heavily monitored. In the past, The electoral commission  used the National Radio and Television to hand down to other news outlets a polished version of news about the presidential electoral process. Now, a single website is going to be set up for this purpose.

This decision was announced by a NEC (National Electoral Commission) representative Munyaneza Charles after a joint meeting with other conspirator organs namely The Police, RURA, RMC, MHC and The Justice Ministry.

Munyaneza said that a “Media Center” will be set up, and news related to the presidential election will come ONLY from this source. Or other news outlets, must report what will be given to them via this medium.

Then, Munyaneza made a contradictory statement, saying that news outlets are free to report anywhere anytime as the constitution allows.

Also, he stated that news outlets must keep from reporting on election results/issues, they are commanded to wait and only report the government approved/polished version that the electoral commission will put out via the media center.

Freely reporting can mislead the populace, that is why media have to be censored, and say only what they are handed down by authorities said Munyaneza.

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