Diane Rwigara

The indefatigable Rwandan presidential hopeful Diane Rwigara is pressing on, despite hurdles and traps the crooked regime she is fighting against and is trying to unseat is setting up in her way.

In a conference press, Diane Rwigara made harsh criticism aimed at NEC, the corrupt, totally biased electoral commission in charge of overseeing the presidential electoral process.

Diane stated that she has submitted everything required, NEC’s rejection of her application is unfounded and outright biased. It is a typical example of how the system is rotten to the core, and a proof that change is badly needed.

Diane reiterated and strongly condemned the harassment her followers are enduring, she said that she is in this struggle for the long run and giving up  is not an option. Our cause is noble, we are not laboring in vain, this is what gives us the strength to go on, despite the things the government is doing to discourage us said Diane.

The 35 years old woman is trying to unseat long time dictator Paul Kagame who rose to power in a bloodbath and has ruled Rwanda with iron fist and ruthless brutality since.

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