Diane Rwigara

Blowback is a term coined by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). It means unintended consequences. It is used when America gets attacked in retaliation of what the CIA has been doing in the shadows. A lot of times, the American public has no idea about the reasons behind the hatred and the attacks because they are unaware of the CIA’s activities overseas. The deep state (the government that operates in the shadows), and serves Kagame’s personal interests is facing a blow back in the rise of freedom fighter Diane Rwigara.

Two years ago, the deep state assassinated Assinapol Rwigara. It is unclear as to why the deep state felt threatened by this gentleman who minded his business, and obviously stayed away from politics since his falling out with the RPF. The deep state felt the need to physically eliminate him, not only that but also they demolished his hotel on false pretenses that it did not meet building codes.

Daughter of Assinapol Rwigara, Miss Diane Rwigara who obviously loved her dad and who apparently got shaken by his unjust extrajudicial killing, this former staunch RPF supporter turned anti-RPF overnight, and is willing to shout it on a rooftop damn the consequences. In a span of weeks, she has become an icon of resistance, an inspiration to many. Not long ago, she posted a video on YouTube to reiterate her previous anti-government statements (that shocked many) in front of a group of journalists, to send a strong signal that she is not backing down and that she is going to be a thorn in the deep state’s side. This is the very definition of blowback, I do not think that the deep state anticipated that the killing of Assinapol Rwigara will produce a female Revolutionary Leader, a Rwandan Rosa Parks.

David v. Goliath

A funny thing is how blowbacks come from inconspicuous, unimaginable places. Who would have thought that planes were going to be turned into missiles that destroyed the twin towers in New York, and reduced to nothing the symbols of American might? Deep states amass weapons and amunitions in huge numbers, yet they quake and shake in front of lowkey but brave citizens such as the tiny unarmed but relentless woman Diane Rwigara. I am sure that the deep state in Rwanda is scrambling trying to figure out how to deal with Diane Rwigara and how to shut her down. Well, they can’t because Diane Rwigaras are numerous. And just like david severed goliath with his own sword, we will give the RPF a likewise treatment. We will bring paul kagame and his evil regime down, we will put in place a democratic regime that respects the people and work for them instead of against them where Tutsis, Twas and Hutus will feel safe and secure. We stand with Diane Rwigara. I am sure her dad looks down, smiles and says: I am proud of you my daughter!

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