Opposition leader Bernard Ntaganda spoke to journalists on 11/21/2017 in Kigali. Here is what he said:

Jail is my home. I am not afraid to be locked up again. Therefore I am not afraid to speak up my mind and give a message to the ruling party RPF, the same massage I gave to MRND 20 some years ago when I was a lot younger. I will not shut up, I will not shy from condemning injustice. Injustices and impunity led to the genocide, therefore Rwandans should speak out against injustice. Today Diane is being persecuted, not long ago, I endured the same unjust ordeal, tomorrow it can be anybody. People need to stand up and fight injustice.

You can be an opposition politician in Rwanda indeed. I am one. But it is not an easy task. Being a politician critical of the regime in place is carrying a heavy burden. It is an endless state of sadness and heartaches. My heart aches due to injustice being done to Diane Rwigara. All Rwandans who witnessed the shady trial of the Rwigaras are sad and heartbroken. Let me ask you this, you think that I am not mad about me spending 4 long years in jail for nothing?

My license got revoked. I can no longer practice law in Rwanda. I can no longer work. All because I dared to call out RPF and its injustices. You think that’s fair? You think that’s not upsetting? Plus, I am not the only one. I speak for many.

Let me make this clear to all Rwandans: We do not hate the RPF. We hate all the social injustices it does to the Rwandan people. The RPF needs to man up. It needs to accept the democratic process to take place and quit lying and telling people that we have democracy in Rwanda, when each time someone tries to run for president, he or she gets hit with an axe on the head.

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